The Cast Ion Valve Energy Device (Chetnis Switch)

Chetnis Switch Particulars

I was inspired to make the Chetnis switch after the inspiration of Mike Rosenberg of blessed memories. After many years of experimenting and having to do other things to put food on the table, the Chetnis Switch was developed.

I discovered what I now call the Cast Ion Valve System and Chetnis switch

See the above picture of a completed Chetnis switch. This is capable of exciting plasma tubes and engendering light photons, not heavy ones, producing a bluish aura as can be seen in Kirulian Photo below.


Photon production is enhanced with plasma tubes directly connected with the Chetnis Switch..

Chetnis Switch with plasma Photon Generator.

The output of the Chetnis switch when applied directly to the brain stem produces unbridled joy, as can be seen by the expressions of the couple below..


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